The batman vs joker

the batman vs joker

Congratulations to the geniuses who came up with a way to explain why Ben Affleck's dark knight is in such a bad mood in the new superhero. I DO NOT OWN BATMAN BATMAN IS OWNED BY WARNER BRO. AND BOB KANE AND DC COMICS/UNIVERSE!. R.I.P Heath Ledger and Christian Bale's Batman.. (Ben Affleck) Heath Ledger vs. Christian Bale. This is.

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Trouble in Tokyo JLA Adventures: We do not implement these annoying types of ads! The History Of Comic's Greatest Rivalry Jon Miller. The Secret History of Batman in Japan List of Batman films cast members List of Batman video games List of Batman children's books Batman music. Whether in the comics, the television shows, or the movies, each medium has allowed a creator to leave their mark on this age-old battle. Subsequent airings have carried a TV-PG-V rating. Writer for geeky websites.


Batman vs Joker - Topsy Turvy :Full Fight [HD] Curse of the Judas Chalice House of the Wolf Man Young Dracula Dracula Reborn Dracula 3D Saint Dracula 3D Dracula Dracula: Silly, maybe, but what else would you expect from a villain like Joker? Im Querformat pisa tipps Im Hochformat herunterladen. Many have tried time and again to diagnose the Joker, but the truth of the matter is that his ambiguity is what drives our interest in the character. String art for comic locers, for the superheroes and the villians. The Brave and the Bold Young Justice Beware the Batman.